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Some conference slides from EDELWEISS collaboration members

You may find some of these proceedings in SPIRES.

Conference Date Place Speaker Title Proceeding/slides
TAUP 2015 September 2015 Torino Silvia Scorza EDELWEISS-III : First low WIMP mass results
Low Radioactivity Techniques 2015 March 2015 Univ. of Washington Silvia Scorza Background investigation in EDELWEISS-III
Rencontres de Moriond 2014 22 - 29 March 2014 La Thuile Quentin Arnaud The EDELWEISS-III experiment status
TAUP2013 8 - 13 Sept 2013 Asilomar, Ca Klaus Eitel The EDELWEISS DM search
LTD15 June 2013 Pasadena, Ca Jules Gascon The EDELWEISS-III project and the rejection performance of its detectors J Low Temp Phys (2014) 176:870
LTD14 2014 Heidelberg Alex Juillard Status and prospects of the EDELWEISS direct WIMP search experiment J Low Temp Phys (2012) 167:1056